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Name Title Phone Email vCard
Aberson, D. Scott Partner 612.672.8389
Ahlin-Halverson, Catherine Partner 612.672.8314
Alexander, Joseph Partner 612.672.8369
Ashley, Cooper S. Partner 612.672.8363
Bagchi, Shauro Associate 612.672.8311
Bans, Charles Partner 612.672.8318
Baumann, Mark Of Counsel 612.672.8339
Bazdell, Dwayne J. Paralegal 612.672.8266
Beckett, E. Casey Associate 612.672.8370
Bergeland-Leonard, Cathy Paralegal 612.672.8201
Bitterman, Stephanie K. Partner 612.672.8336
Bjorkman, Karen B. Partner 612.672.8307
Blomquist, Jamie Director of Information Technology 612.672.8279
Borman, Thomas H. Of Counsel 612.672.8352
Brownell, Margo S. Partner 612.672.8393
Callen, Sandy Director of Human Resources 612.672.8353
Carter, Tanya M. Paralegal 612.672.8218
Ceronsky, Joseph P. Associate 612.672.8302
Chestovich, Paul D. Partner 612.672.8305
Chilingarishvili, Ana Associate 612.672.8323
Costello, Cindy R. Paralegal 612.672.8380
Crowe Eick, Kathleen Associate 612.672.8345
Darda, John R. Associate 612.672.8386
Dix, Debra J. Paralegal 612.672.8207
Dolen, John A. Paralegal 612.672.8209
Duerr, Allison Associate 612.672.8331
Duffey, John T. Associate 612.672.8356
Eglitis, Astrid Director of Recruiting and Professional Development 612.672.8379
Engelstad, Maureen Paralegal 612.672.8245
Fallon, Martin S. Partner 612.672.8398
Fleck, Leah C. Associate 612.672.8317
Frohman, Charles G. Associate 612.672.8330
Gersick, Barry A. Partner 612.672.8384
Gilbert, Alan M. Partner 612.672.8381
Greenman, Emma Associate 612.672.8376
Harding, Julie Chief Financial Officer 612.672.8287
Haugen, Gary J. Of Counsel 612.672.8325
Hause, Elaine M. Paralegal 612.672.8282
Hennan, Raena Paralegal 612.672.8206
Herr, David F. Of Counsel 612.672.8350
Holod, Doug Partner 612.672.8313
Holzer, Erica A. Associate 612.672.8387
Horstmann, Sarah A. Partner 612.672.8359
Itman, Leora Maccabee Associate 612.672.8343
Jacobson, Andrew N. Partner 612.672.8333
Jarpe, Geoffrey P. Partner 612.672.8360
Kahana, Eran Special Counsel 612.672.8385
Kaluza, Mari Associate 612.672.8388
Ketterling, Carrie Paralegal 612.672.8208
Killian, James F. Partner 612.672.8306
Klein, Brian J. Partner 612.672.8324
Klos, Mark A. Partner 612.672.8346
Krivosha, Terri Partner 612.672.8340
Larson, Patricia M. Paralegal 612.672.8374
Lien, Jason A. Partner 612.672.8319
Link, Susan J. Partner 612.672.8349
Love, Jane E. Paralegal 612.672.8275
Lowder, Renee L. Paralegal 612.672.8213
Maechler, Katie Associate 612.672.8332
McCarthy, Michael C. Partner 612.672.8347
McIntee, Shawn R. Partner 612.672.8316
Miller, Girard P. Of Counsel 612.672.8322
Mondry, Jesse Associate 612.672.8365
Moskowitz, Wayne S. Partner 612.672.8329
Mostrom, Phyllis Paralegal 612.672.8263
Mower, William M. Partner 612.672.8358
Muro LaMere, Melissa Associate 612.672.8368
Narotzky, Nicole E. Partner 612.672.8373
O'Connor, James Duffy Partner 612.672.8378
Parritz, Jonathan S. Partner 612.672.8334
Pecoraro, Jessica S. Partner 612.672.8390
Pederson, Bradley A. Associate 612.672.8341
Pentelovitch, William Z. Partner 612.672.8338
Petosky, Anna Associate 612.672.8375
Purdy, R. Lawrence Of Counsel 612.672.8361
Reed, Jason Associate 612.672.8301
Ringuette, Diana Marianetti Associate 612.672.8364
Roemer, Pamela Erwin Director of Marketing and Business Development 612.672.8252
Rome, Emily M. Partner 612.672.8308
Rosenbaum, Martin R. Partner 612.672.8326
Sampson, Michael P. Partner 612.672.8342
Schaffer, Haley N. Partner 612.672.8391
Schultz, David T. Partner 612.672.8399
Sell, Neil I. Of Counsel 612.672.8337
Simon, Jerome B. Partner 612.672.8383
Skrivseth, Diane G. Paralegal 612.672.8203
Snow, Michael L. Of Counsel 612.672.8351
Sommers, Joel A. Associate 612.672.8354
Suchar, David E. Partner 612.672.8321
Sugisaka, Keiko L. Partner 612.672.8309
Sur, R. Christopher Partner 612.672.8304
Swedberg, Amy J. Partner 612.672.8367
Tarkow, Howard B. Partner 612.672.8348
Wallace, Joy A. Paralegal 612.672.8233
Weins, Mary Records Manager 612.672.8214
Weir, Kristian C.S. Associate 612.672.8382
Whitmore, Clark T. Partner 612.672.8335
Wilson, Richard G. Partner 612.672.8362
Wolfe, Valerie Paralegal 612.672.8202
Zebot, Julian C. Partner 612.672.8392
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