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Voice of Maslon

I could happily describe my summer at Maslon with just six letters: Superb. If you look at the other reviews of the firm's summer program, you will notice that this is a consistent theme. Admittedly, I was dubious as to the honesty of the write-ups. But that was before my ten weeks with Maslon: the quality of the firm's summer program exceeds that described in a collection of summer associate evaluations.

The directors of the program made every effort to help us get to know the firm. I and my three fellow summer associates went to associate and partner dinners, partook in numerous happy-hours (non-alcoholic drinks always welcome), had daily opportunities to join Maslon attorneys for lunch and coffee, and attended a weekend retreat in northern Wisconsin. Even without these activities, Maslon staff were so open and approachable that it would have been impossible—indeed the result of a conscious effort—not to have gotten to know those who define the Maslon firm.

The summer program is extremely effective in catering to your interests, or in exposing you to potential practice areas, if you have not yet decided where you would like to practice. Before the summer I expressed a strong interest in transactional work, and the business and securities practice group kept me busy. I got to see a wide variety of work, which ranged from the creation of an angel fund to the assessment of prepayment penalties in the case mortgage foreclosure. Even if you express an area of focus, the firm will make every effort to expose you to a diverse range of assignments, allowing summer associates to find their areas of passion.

Maslon employees do not only understand that work-life balance is important—they lead varied and highly interesting lives outside of the Wells Fargo Center. From running marathons to extraordinary woodworking, Maslon attorneys pursue a wide variety of outside activities. They do so with the same vigor they apply to their work, allowing them better to connect with clients on both legal and personal bases. Further, the firm stresses the importance of the assorted meanings of work: the word does not only encompass billed time. Some of the most memorable experiences I had this summer were pro bono matters—participating in a Legal Access Clinic, observing a LegalCORPS web conference, helping to draft wills for public service employees. And these community-based activities are just a few of those in which Maslon attorneys participated during my ten weeks in Minneapolis.

I have never felt so welcome, especially a work environment. Relationships in the Maslon family are not forced—they happen organically, with no feeling of a stale hierarchy among staff, associates, and partners. Most importantly, for you to know how great the firm is, you must experience Maslon firsthand.

I realize that all of this may sound like superlative boilerplate. I assure you that it is not. I would love to reassert everything I have said here off the record, and I urge anyone interested to contact me at the email address below with questions about my experience at Maslon (or anything that strikes your fancy).

Alex Schreck
Harvard Law School, Class of 2015


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